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Magnetic 3-In-1 Mount Kit
• VERSATILE: 3-In-1 universal mount kit that can be used in
your vehicle’s CD Slot, dash or vent. Use the CD slot swingarm
to move your device away from the vehicles vent, stereo
or gear shifter.
• SECURE AND PORTABLE: Safely and quickly secure a
mobile device to any CD player slot, dash or vent in your car.
Easily remove the mount head from the CD Slot to the dash
or vent included bases.
• STRONG MAGNETS: Extra powerful Rare-Earth
neodymium magnets provide a secure grip to your devices
and are 100% mobile device safe.
• OPTIMAL VIEWING ANGLE: 360 Degree, adjustable
magnetic head lets you view your device in portrait,
landscape or anywhere in between.

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