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Fhd 2-way Dash Camera 4 Inch Screen, 8gb Micro Sd

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  • RECORDS VIDEO FROM YOUR VEHICLE:  Record all events inside and outside with the built-in HD DVR  cameras and watch them on the 2-Channel, 4” HD color display or  transfer the files to a computer using the data transfer cable or  memory card.

  • FRONT AND REAR FACING CAMERA LENS: Capture the perfect shots  or video with the 1080P, 140-degree front facing camera lens or the  720P, 100-degree rear facing interior lens.

  • SECURE: Quickly and securely mount the camera to the vehicles  dash or windshield using the suction cup mount.

  • G-SENSING: The gravity sensor automatically stores crucial  footage under special files, so they do not get written over during  new footage cycle recording. The intervals can be locked after they  are time stamp dated.


  • AUTOMATIC MOTION DETECTION: Turn the motion detection on to  automatically record video when motion is detected in front of the  camera.

  • LOOP RECORDING: Seamlessly record over older footage on your  micro-SD card with the newest footage in 3, 5, or 10-minute  recording intervals.

  • VOICE RECORD AND BUILT-IN SPEAKER:  Turn the voice recorder on to get live audio evidence during an  accident or any other event and listen to the recording through the  built-in speaker.


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