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Kyocera Dura Xv Lte Kosher Talk And Text

  • Brand:Kyocera

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The new 4G phones from Kyocera are now For Sale! They can be activated on any new or existing Verizon, Verizon Pre-Paid or any other Pre-Paid provider on the Verizon network. It should also work with AT&T SIM card (but not likely 4G service on non- Verizon Carriers). These phones have been tested by qualified personnel and do not have access to Email or Internet and cannot be factory re-set to the original configuration.

These phones are a stock Kyocera phone, which has been re-flashed by the manufacturer to eliminate Email and Internet access and to block any type of factory re-set options which would bring back the unacceptable configurations.

These phones come with an original two year factory warranty from Kyocera direct.

What is blocked?
  • All web browsing
  • All Email
  • Developer mode
  • Factory re-set
  • Hard factory re-set

What is allowed?
  • Voice
  • Voice mail
  • MMS- multimedia, text messaging
  • Camera and gallery
  • Music Player
  • ** Wi-Fi connection for voice calls
  • Blue tooth for accessory devices i.e. hands free device
  • All standard tools (calculator / notepad / alarm / calendar etc.)
  • Verizon cloud – contact backup

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